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solar racking and tracking systems

Waterproof Aluminum Solar Carport in Japan-4.9KW

Jun 06, 2024

Installation Site: Japan

Installation Date: 2023.12

Generating Capacity:4.9KW

The aluminum alloy solar waterproof carport racking system is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy material with excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The system is cleverly designed for easy installation and maintenance, while ensuring structural stability and safety. Most notably, the system integrates solar photovoltaic panels, which are capable of converting solar energy into electricity, providing power for lighting, monitoring and other equipment in the carport, and even charging electric vehicles.

Environmentally friendly material: Aluminum alloy, as a recyclable material, reduces the impact on the environment.

Efficient energy utilization: the integration of solar photovoltaic panels realizes self-sufficiency in energy.

Intelligent control: The system is equipped with an intelligent control system that automatically adjusts the angle of the photovoltaic panels according to the weather and light conditions in order to obtain maximum solar energy.

Waterproof design: The carport is designed with special waterproof materials and structures to ensure that the vehicle is protected from damage even in adverse weather conditions.

This carport system is suitable for a wide range of locations such as residential areas, commercial areas, and public parking lots. Both individual car owners and corporate parking lots can benefit from it, realizing both energy saving and economic benefits.

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